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Hi, I'm Sherry

I am a person-centered therapist who values the importance of connection (we kind of have to like each other for this to work). I take an integrative and trauma informed approach to provide education regarding how your experiences like trauma, attachment, culture, childhood experiences, and other curve balls life might throw at you can affect your overall health and function. I offer evidence-based treatment options to fit your needs. I believe that you are in charge of steering the ship and I am here to guide you, support you, and help you process.

I started my career working beside veterans and their families through trauma and difficult life transitions. I continued working with adults and children experiencing domestic violence and sexual assault at a none-profit by providing therapy and support through their healing process. I then transitioned into community health care as part of the integrated team collaborating with primary care physicians and specialty physicians engaging in therapy and crisis management for vulnerable populations. 

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with those I love, being outdoors (especially close to the water), watching a good movie/show, and making terrible jokes.


Professional Development and consultation:  

I served as an expert witness in court for cases related to domestic violence and sexual assault to help the general public understand the impact domestic violence and sexual assault can have on individuals and families.


While working in community health care I provided education and consultation to physicians completing their residency, participated in community advocacy and case management, and was a member of the DEI council.  


Treatment Trainings: EMDR, CPT, CBT, MI,SFBT, DBT

Certification: Perinatal Mental Health (PMH-C)

                      Dialectic Behavior Therapy-Certified


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